Vice City Stories PC Edition Update!

Hello old friends! Well it has certainly been a long time since we've done an update, so we've decided to release part 1 of a big update now instead! Remember to update your game via the in game updater or by the external updater to make sure you have the latest build, which is Build 1218, below you can read about what's been updated, fixed or changed:

  • NEW: Polish language added (translated by MakG and Silent)
  • NEW: Rush! side mission added
  • NEW: Brand new texture archive (SPTA) files have been added, improving sprites' quality A LOT
  • NEW: Number of save slots increased from 8 to 12
  • NEW: Menus reworked to look more like their VCS counterparts
  • NEW: 278 ped models limit from SA removed
  • NEW: The same hack applied to clump (damageable) models
  • NEW: Onscreen timers rewritten to look more like their VCS counterparts
  • NEW: Rampage texts rewritten to look more like their VCS counterparts
  • NEW: GXT files have been rebuilt so they don't contain unused SA entries anymore
  • NEW: Commandline argument "-nointro" added, which makes the game jump straight to title splash on launch
  • NEW: 2 new commercials will play in Custom Tracks Player
  • FIX: Marked Men crash fixed
  • FIX: Fixed a bug where news reports would play even with disabled radio
  • FIX: Zone name in Map menu now positioned correctly (Map menu still not finished)
  • FIX: Vehicle don't bump when crashing into a ped anymore
  • FIX: Fixed some misplaced texts when playing with 5:4 aspect ratio
  • FIX: Mouse in menu works properly on 5:4 aspect ratio now
  • FIX: Rain SFX is not corrupted anymore
  • FIX: Re-added missing Fire Extingusher model
  • FIX: Landmine icon is being displayed now
  • FIX: Selected course in Turismo no longer stays on the map
  • FIX: Some unused code cleaned up

There will be another update coming later this month, we hope you continue to enjoy our work!

Vice City Stories PC Edition BETA 3 out now!

After all this time, the wait is finally over! We are proud to bring you "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PC Edition" BETA 3, codenamed "Blue Hesper". In this update you will find a remarkable amount of changes to the engine as well as a nice bundle of missions to complete, most of the first chapter is available to play along with a couple of side missions and some other extras here and there that you will unlock as you progress through the story.

Just to get this out of the way we want to remind all of you that to play this modification, you will need a CLEAN installation of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and we'd also like to remind you to NOT install "Vice City Stories PC Edition" to your "San Andreas" Directory, please follow the instructions of the installer carefully, if you need any more help, read the ReadMe.

Without further ado, head on over to the nearest Download Page and get started! The download size is 768MB so once again, be sure to follow any instructions when installing this modification. We hope you all enjoy this, feel free to report anything to us, and be aware that we have an In-Game Updater now, so you'll be getting updates more often! Thank you for showing an interest in our project and we hope you like it!

GTA: Vice City Stories PC Edition BETA3

GTA: Vice City Stories PC Edition BETA3

OH NO, WHAT'S THAT? The game crashed whilst you were enjoying yourself? Have you been kicked out of Vice? Has a mission gone awol and resulted in the game committing suicide? Want to know why? Well fear not, we hear at VCS TEAM have thought about you, and how you can help us, and how we can help you, you helping us, to help you, moving on. When a game does crash back to desktop, try and recall and note down what you were doing, specifically mission or side mission, etc, you'll now notice these files are starting to build up, they're known as DMP files which are generated after each crash in the game, these little things in the game's main directory. You'll notice they are time stamped so should be easy to organize, basically if a crash IS mission, side missions, anything actual in game related, we want them, so take the DMP's from those particular crashes, make a little note in notepad or something, zip em up and send them to Silent, he'll love that stuff, from there on, he can see what made your game crash, if it's our fault, he'll fix it, if it's not a fault of ours, he'll give you some quick info about why the problem is happening.

Pre-Release Gameplay

The release date is not far off now, less than a week away! So in this time we have been doing test builds of the game, early builds that are now a few weeks old, for people to test and report back any bugs to us, one tester has actually gone right ahead and done a gameplay video of the mod from this pre-release build for people to check out and you can watch it below:

To clear a few things up, this build of the mod doesn't have the Radio and various additional effects that will be in the final version and this build is based on an old version, we've fixed up plenty of things since then. We'd also like to point out this gameplay was recorded with framerate unlocked, which is why certain effects are in overdrive, this is a bug of the game engine itself (San Andreas does it) and was recorded in a 16:10 aspect ratio (squashed down to 16:9 for the video) so some stuff does look a bit odd here, more so than it should under the right circumstances.

BETA3 Release Date Announce!

GTANet Award Winner 2012: Best Map

Voting has closed and the winners have been announced and yes, we've won the "Best Map" award for VCS PC Edition! Silent went on to win a further two awards for "Modder of the Year" and "Most Helpful", so you know we have the talent! We'd like to thank everyone who voted for us and we are happy to see that a lot of people are interested in this mod and we're aiming to make sure everything is done as professionally as it can be. Progress is coming along well with most of the original Map Conversion targets being passed, the West Island is mainly done now and the team are moving onto other things to convert, so we are still on track for that Second Quarter release, we can't wait for you guys to try it out!